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A sustainable alternative to the current disposable five-quart motor oil vessel, Black Gold can be refilled infinitely making it the last oil vessel you will ever purchase. To reduce drips, spills, and the need for a funnel, the vessels is equipped with a pressure activated valve which retains the fluid within until engaged by the user.

1. Idea

2. Record

3. Refine

1. The Oversight

Annually, 24.4 Million qt. of fresh motor oil are improperly disposed of. The residual that clings to the walls of of the oil bottle is a contaminant; thus, it should not be discarded in recycling or trash receptacles.

2. The Ideation

Exploring various solutions includes research, and concept viability, and form exploration in an effort to mitigate excessive waste, cost, and groundwater contamination.

3. The Solution

refillable 5 quart oil vessel equipped with a no-spill valve provides for easy and clean refilling and dispensing. Buy it once, use it for a lifetime. Refillable at participating auto parts retailers and fill stations.




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