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Inverted Orthopedic Screwdriver
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Orthopedic surgeons perform an average of 382 surgeries annually. These procedures includes manual installation and torquing of bone screws. Reverse Drive reduces repetitive movement injuries to the surgeon and associated costs while prolonging the orthopedic surgeon’s practice, yielding greater patient confidence.

1. Research

2. Ideate

3. Product


Repetitious utilization of the weaker pronation muscles to torque down screws (lefties) and break screws loose (righties) which lack the general strength of the supination muscles utilized by opposing arm. This repetitious torquing on less developed muscles, (the radius rotating over the ulna), may be more likely to produce repetitive movement injuries.


Reverse Drive leverages the natural strength of the supination muscles reducing muscle fatigue and potential long-term complication resulting from repetitious over stressing of muscles and joints through pronation movements. The nature of the tool’s environment requires it to withstand detergents, heat, and gas sterilization.

3. Experience

Mitigation of orthopedic surgeon pronation related injuries. The reduction/ elimination of such injuries reduces medical related expenses and extends practices


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